Strange DEC box

From: Megan <>
Date: Mon Mar 29 22:15:34 1999

>Today I salvaged a very odd looking DEC box, and I have no idea what it
>is. It is in a black metal case, with vents at the top, the external
>ports look like those of a VT-100, it has Video in, Video Out, Comm, 20ma
>Current Loop, and keyboard. The model number is stamped 70-17562-01, but
>the Serial number is stamped N/A.
>Does anyone know what this is? I suspect it is some kind of terminal, but
>I'm not sure.

I think it is the VT100 portion of a VSV11... the output of the VT100
in that box could be fed through a signal cable to the VSV11, and thus

(If you otherwise have no need for it, I have a VSV11 without that part).

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