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From: Marvin <>
Date: Tue Mar 30 10:05:05 1999

Kevan Heydon wrote:
> I have been offered a "Vector Graphic B" and would like to find some more
> information about it. I have found they did a 1 and 1+ from the Haddock
> book and I have seen reference to an "MZ" on the comprehensive computer
> catalogue. Where there other machines in their range? The "B" apparently
> runs the p-system was this common for these machines or did they run any
> other systems? I would like to talk to any other collectors out there who
> have one of these machines so I can work out just what I will be getting.

Vector Graphic made a range of machines starting with the Vector I. I am not
familiar with all of them, but I believe they were all S-100 machines. The
machines I have are the Vector 1, 3, 4, and MZ. I am not familiar at all
with the Vector Graphic B; I would pick it up just out of curiousity. All of
the machines I have run CP/M. Are you talking about the UCSD P-System? If
so, I didn't think that was an operating system, but rather something more
like an interpreter.
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