Epson HX-20 EPROM programmer???

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Mar 30 12:50:54 1999

I have an Epson HX-20 with an EPROM programmer built on. See it at
"\~rigdonj\hx20.jpg". Does anyone know anything
about this? The case for the EPROM programmer is made of the same material
and is the same color as the Epson case and has the name "Motorola" cast
into it. It's held on with a steel bracket underneath. Someone went to a
lot of trouble to make this. There's also a ribbon cable (?) cconnector in
the top corner. Any idea what it was used for? There are also "Motorola"
marked EPROMs in the socket sin teh bottom of the HX-20. Any idea what
this machine was used for? The batteries in it are dead and I haven't had
time to get it working yet.

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