ASR-33 Data Format?

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Tue Mar 30 11:04:01 1999

> No, Baud and BPS are different. Baud is the number of signalling changes

But they aren't different on ASR-33s, nor on the modems that were normally
used on ASR-33s (Bell 103 equivalent).

In common usage, the baud rate was generally equal to the BPS until the
introduction of phase shift keying and quadrature amplitude modulation.
For full-duplex use on the PSTN, this happened when the Vadic 3400 and
Bell 212 were introduced. But there were earlier PSK modems for leased
line use, such as the Bell 208.

If someone tries to sell you a 9600 baud modem, you should whack them
with a clue stick. :-)
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