Epson HX-20 EPROM programmer???

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Mar 30 19:47:11 1999

At 11:46 PM 3/30/99 +0100, you wrote:
>> I have an Epson HX-20 with an EPROM programmer built on. See it at
>> "\~rigdonj\hx20.jpg". Does anyone know anything
>> about this? The case for the EPROM programmer is made of the same material
>> and is the same color as the Epson case and has the name "Motorola" cast
>> into it. It's held on with a steel bracket underneath. Someone went to a
>> lot of trouble to make this. There's also a ribbon cable (?) cconnector in
>> the top corner. Any idea what it was used for? There are also "Motorola"
>> marked EPROMs in the socket sin teh bottom of the HX-20. Any idea what
>> this machine was used for? The batteries in it are dead and I haven't had
>> time to get it working yet.
>My guess, and it's only a guess, is that it was used to program the
>freqeuncy control EPROMs for some Motorola radio transceiver or something
>like that. I know that such devices exist, but I didn't know that they
>were based on the HX20.
>Under the cover on the back there should be 5 EPROM sockets. On a
>standard HX20, 4 of them contain the OS/BASIC ROMS, the other is empty.
>Do you have the standard 4 ROMs? If not, you might have some fun ahead...


  It has five EPROMs in the bottom of it. They're marked "Copyright
Motorola 1990 0106705T77", "E1 HX2", "D1 HX2", "C1 HX2", "E1 HC2" in that
order. Are the last four the standard ROMs? There's also a Motorola
marked ROM in the ROM cartridge on the top. It's marked "Copyright Motorola
1991 0106705T57".

  I could have a LOT of fun with it if I knew what radio it was for and how
to reprogram them :-)

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