Timonium Hamfest

From: Tom Owad <tomowad_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Tue Mar 30 18:57:19 1999

The Timonium Hamfest had an excellent turnout. Tailgating spots were
sold out. I spent half the day there, purchasing the following equipment:

2 Bell & Howell Apple II+'s. Both are in rather poor condition, the one
even has an ordinairy II+ keyboard and no power supply. I'm thinking
about putting a IIgs mb in it for a "Stealth GS". The other is missing
the '0' key. Anybody have one they'd like to part with?

6 NEC Ultralite Notebooks. Does anybody know what the power adapter for
these is like? They have interesting connectors. I'll probably just
hook the power up to the battery connectors. Two of the notebooks are
labeled "lights up, but won't boot." If anybody wants one of these most
likely borken units before I start to fool around with them, the price is

2 Compaq Portables. I'll sell one of them for $25, if anybody's
interested. I just need to test it first.

6 IBM PC Convertibles. Last summer I purchased about a dozen IBM PC
Convertible AC adapters at a hamfest for $1, knowing that some day I'd
come across a pile of Convertibles at a Hamfest, lacking power supplies.
Well wouldn't you know there was a stack of Convertibles at the Timonium
show - and not one of them had an AC adapter. If anybody's interested in
one of these, figure about $25.

IBM 5155
Compaq Portable III
Grid Gridlite
IBM 3127
Apple IIgs-style ADB keyboard - finally!

I know next to nothing about the following units, and I'm not sure if any
of them are ten years old. If somebody could give me some details on
them (espeically on the SparcServer 470), I'd appreciate it.

HP Apollo 400 ("upgraded to 439")
Sun SparcServer 470
Sun SparcStation IPX
Sun SparcStation ELC
DecServer 200/MC (I have two - any interest?)

Anbody know where I can get kb, mice, and monitors for these systems?

What I missed:

A Xycon computer, complete with two external 8" drives and keyboard.
Three all-in-one "business" computers, with 5.25" drives (I forget the
name, but they sure looked interesting)
A PDP-11/44.

Would the offending party identify himself? :-)
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