Timonium Hamfest

From: Bill Sudbrink <bill_at_chipware.com>
Date: Wed Mar 31 10:19:58 1999

Well, I got there on Saturday, about 1:30. The tailgate area
was well over half abandoned (it was cool and the sky was gray
and threatening rain, but it never did). There were the classic
little piles of junk that whoever (whomever?) brought them couldn't
sell and didn't feel were worth the effort to pack back into
whatever car/station wagon/step van that they came in. None
of it was worth the effort of picking up either. The remainder
of the tailgate area was mostly occupied by several "off the
palette" vendors. There were palettes of Suns (SPARC IPXs and
IIs), palettes of Mac IIcis, fewer "classic" Macs (512s, se30s,
etc.) than in years past. I didn't see any of the Apple II stuff
that Tom saw and didn't see anything with 8" drives. I did see
3 TRS-80s, all model 1, level 2, one with expansion box and 2
floppy drives but I passed because I have one already and I'm
trying to preserve my limited storage space for unique (to my
collection anyway) items. There were a couple of C64s crammed in
a pile of PC keyboards. Tons of obsolete PC stuff. Nothing else
of interest... no TTYs, nothing S-100 (I rummaged through a number
of boxes of PC cards and assorted junk, just to be sure), absolutely
nothing Ohio Scientific (I asked a few of the guys who seem to have
older stuff, reply: "Ohio what?"). Sigh, not worth my 45 minute
(each way) drive. Don't know if I'll bother next year.
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