Ohio Scientific (Yes again!)

From: Bill Sudbrink <bill_at_chipware.com>
Date: Wed Mar 31 11:13:42 1999

> Where did they all go?

Very good question.

> Does anybody have any idea where all the Ohio Scientific machines all
> ended up?

I know of 4 C1Ps and 2 C4Ps that went into the trash, I got this info
from their owners. Three were trashed just last year. Typical

Me: I collect old computers.
Other: My office has some 386s we're getting rid of.
Me: No, no... older than that. I'm especially interested in a
       company that was called Ohio Scientific.
Other: Gee, that's too bad. I had a C1P. I finally got around to
       clearing out the garage last month and threw it away.
Me: <try to smile while biting another 1/4 inch off the end of my tongue>

> My inventory:
> 1 C2-4p shell
> 1 C2-4p Working
> 1 C4p Bad RAM

1 SuperBoard II
2 C1Ps
1 C2Net
1 C3D (working at 1MHz, flakey at 2MHz) with CD23 hard disk (not working
1 C4PMF (just fixed)

> Anybody have any idea about Production numbers?

I'm developing a relationship with a person who was an engineer at OSI from
78 to 81. Give me some time, I'll try to get him onto the list.
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