FS: Zilog ZDS 1/40 Devel. System

From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_netsync.net>
Date: Wed Mar 31 12:46:15 1999

Hey gang, still sorting out stuff I really cannot keep over here at the new

This is an item I must part with:

Complete ZDS 1/40 Development System with Z80A emulator pod. Dual 8" floppy
drives. About 1977-'78 vintage. Runs RIO (the OS), BASIC and of course, a
Z80 assembler/linker. Have software floppies and docs. Zenith Z-19 terminal
is part of this system. I haven't used it for at least 12 years or so.

System is in two sizeable desktop cases each 19" wide x approx. 17" deep x
10" high. The main unit weighs about 30 lbs (I'm guessing as I don't have
the scales over at the old house where the syst. is still at), the dual 8"
floppy drive unit is maybe 45 lbs and a separate batch of s/w and docs
should be around 20 lbs or so. The Z-19 should be around 25 lbs I think.

Packed away somewhere in a box in the new library upstairs is the s/w and
docs. Gotta dig them out when I get a bit of time tomorrow I hope. I could
then send a list to the interested parties. Also, I gotta dig out that Z-19
and check it out. You wouldn't believe how much work I've got yet to get
that old house cleared out yet :( (I at least took time yesterday to
discuss Megan's 11/34A as it's just as important for me and my own 34A's
troubles plus I *really* needed a rest)

Anybody want to offer anything for this plus shipping from zip 14701? Will
be shipped in three or four cartons. Let me know.

Thanks much.
Regards, Chris
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