sad tale

From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Wed Mar 31 15:16:02 1999

I was at my grad school yesterday, and visited the guy I did vaxcluster admin
work for back in 1992-93. A sad experience, I'm afraid. Turns out my guess
was wrong, the LN-O3s appear to be long gone, first of all. Second, they've
migrated away from DEC equipment in general to a mix of NT and IBM AIX machines.

The cluster I used to run, from the sound of things, has been reduced to only
the server, the vax 4000/500, and it's off maintenance contract and scheduled
to be pulled from service within a year. *sigh* Sic transit gloria Vaxen.

A silver lining - if I keep after the guy, I'm thinking he might take me up
on my offer to haul it all away for free. What I'd do with an 8350, 5
microvaxen and so on in addition to the 4000/500 (assuming they still have all
the members of the cluster) I dunno, but if it comes up, I'll figure it out. :)

Jim Strickland
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