Classic color video

From: Bill Sudbrink <>
Date: Wed Mar 31 15:14:44 1999

> Did you get a display at all (even a monochrome one?) on the TV?

A black screen with a little jumble of "snow" where some text should
be. My guess was that the lines are not interlaced correctly?

Maybe I wasn't very clear in my first message...
When connected to an Amdeck (is that how it's spelled?
I'm at work now so I can't see it) monochrome composite
monitor I get a clear legible display with a few
"artifacts" when some colors are displayed. There are
one or two switches on the back of the monitor which
I had to fiddle with to get a good display.

> I think you have a fault, which might be something as simple as the
> OSI's colour subcarrier being off-frequency. Is there a trimmer near
> a crystal? If so, try tweaking it slightly.

That would be hard, as the boards are pretty tightly packed into
the box. They are not really available when the machine is in an
operational state.

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