Kits vs ready-made (was RE: Rebirth of IMSAI)

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Wed Mar 31 16:50:23 1999

The classic example is an IC suspended over a PCB by means of the little
pieces of #40 wire which connect it to the circuit. They're not always a
terrible way to do things, and they've even been blessed by the analog
weenies at NatSemi, but their use in modifying or even building circuits
intended for some practical use is an abomination. Experimentation, well,
OK, but to use it repeatedly? . . .


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Subject: RE: Kits vs ready-made (was RE: Rebirth of IMSAI)

>> the shoddy technique (air-wires, etc) made for problems which couldn't
>I'll bite. What's an "air-wire".
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