Timonium Hamfest

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Date: Wed Mar 31 20:35:38 1999

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> That's exactly right. A lot of the vendors have sold their stuff and
> left by 1:30. That why you found piles of trash that they'd left. I
> usually register as a vendor and pay the extra fee just so I can get in
> ahead of the public. I can tell you for a fact that the BEST deals happen
> long before the public gets in the door. If I couldn't get there before
> 1:30 I would bother going even if it was across the street!

agreed. there's a hamfest thats coming up in two weeks here and a friend and i
are going as vendors with a small cache of junk to sell. the best deals can be
found the night before when everyone is still setting up. still havent gotten
over being 30 seconds too late buying a small robot...
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