PDP 11/73

From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_netcom.com>
Date: Wed Mar 31 23:35:45 1999

  Well, since it was in the rack and feeling lonely and neglected, I
fired up my 11/73 tonight; the first example of DEC stuff I ever
owned. It is not in a DEC chassis, actually it is only about 40
percent DEC. It is running RT11SJ V5.01. It has a full-height 5"
HD as DL: and one 8" floppy as DY: (RX02). It was used in a speech
pathology research lab and all that software is still on it, tho
I've no idea how to invoke it at this time. It has the usual
Fortran, Basic, and Cobol systems. I've used the Basic interpreter
to write some little programs just to play with it.

  It also has an RSX runtime system on it, but it asks for a
user/password which of course I don't have. Anyone have any idea
how to defeat this?

  I have the appropriate RT11 Orange Wall for this machine, but no
hardware docs at all.

  I am looking for the following: The 11/73 Processor manual. An
RL11-type controller card so I can hook up an RL02 to it.
Information on how to determine/configure the port assignments.. I
would like to have a line printer device and also a modem (for
Kermitting) but it has 8 ports on two cards, one of which is the
console port I found by repeatedly booting the system and watching
port pins with a scope.

  The model of the SLUs escapes me at the moment, and I'm too tired
to go pull the thing out from the rack and take the back off and get
the numbers. I just want to know how RT11 assigns and communicates
with it's ports.

  Its possible it has an Ethernet card in it too... that would make
it fun to hook it up with the uVAX II and let them share peripherals.

  Cheerz and Thanks


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