IBM 557 Alphabetic Interpreter??

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Wed Mar 31 19:48:02 1999

On 31 Mar 99 at 17:25, Eric Smith wrote:

> > I don't remember any of these machines also able to print info on the cards,
> > which would stand to reason since all of them had data which wouldn't fit in
> > the top space. For that we used the interpreter wired to print the
> > identifying data.
> How'd you accomplish that? I never managed to get more than 80 characters
> onto a card, and the top edge of the card had plenty of room for that many.
> The punch I used was an 029-clone (I'm not sure of the vendor), and I'm
> fairly certain that it printed all the columns that it punched.
 As I say it's been a long time. IIRC the non-printed data was on the
right-hand end of the card. What you are saying seems logical to me and I
could read the cards alphabetical info but there was some I couldn't
decode. Could additional data have been referenced by number ?.
ISTR that when the additional data was printed it was sometimes
difficult to read because of the punched holes it printed over.
 Maybe my mind made it up .

ciao larry
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