My new toys: Apollo and Osborne 1

From: r. 'bear' stricklin <>
Date: Mon Nov 1 03:34:56 1999

On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Wouter de Waal wrote:

> The controller in the 3000 is an OMTI-8, looks like MFM.

The "OMTI-8" really refers to several different controllers, some of which
are MFM and some of which are ESDI. There are several varieties of ESDI
controller in addition, each of which having different features.

If you can find a part number, I could probably tell you which you have.

> 017062-001 Rev 00 CRTG_FTN_1 FTN V10.7 M/V10.7.MPX


> 013736 Rev 00 CRTG_PHIGS_1 PHIGS Ver 1.0

PHIGS grpahics libraries.

> 017287-001 Rev 00 CRTG_STD_SFW_1 System release ver SR10.2
> 017286-001 Rev 00 CRTG_SFW_BOOT_1 System release ver SR10.2
> 017287-003 Rev 00 CRTG_STD_SFW_3 System release ver SR10.2
> 017287-002 Rev 00 CRTG_STD_SFW_2 System release ver SR10.2

What appears to be a complete SR10.2 install of DOMAIN/OS. 10.2 is an
'undesireable' release as it there is no fix available for the November
1998 clock rollover bug. Unpatched DOMAIN/OS is pretty much guranteed to
fall over dead with this problem. The patch is avilable only for 10.4.1

10.3.5 should be the minimum rev of SR10 you look for (like you wouldn't
want to run a Solaris 2.1 system), with 10.4.1 being the most recent

Alternately DOMAIN/IX (SR9) could be fun and is the last SR to support
some of the older machines (older than either of yours).
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