Apple ][ + but no Floppies

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Mon Nov 1 10:07:50 1999

I think those paddles were 100 K-ohm pots!

Be careful!


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Subject: Re: Apple ][ + but no Floppies

>On 10/31/99 18:35:52 you wrote:
>>Most likely a generous soul will step forward and offer a set for postage.
>>I hope to one day have all my stuff set up so that i could easily answer
>>just such a request myself.
>I wonder if any of those disks (system esp.) and manual are copyright and
>if Apple cares. Anyone know if Apple still can provide?
>>OTOH you know a lot of the old software doesn't need another floppy with
>>DOS etc. on it to run. You boot from the "game" disc and its all on that
>>disc. The system discs are for utilities, formatting new floppies, etc.
>I have found 1 game disk that will boot the machine and play several
>"Racing" games but I also don't have paddles (pinouts and parts anyone???)
>aren't paddles just 100ohm pots?
>I want to do some programming in BASIC on a simpler machine than my laptop.
>I have an emulator too is there a way to copy the images from the emulator
>to the real machine?
>Thanks all!
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