EPROM issues, who can burn?

From: Dwight Elvey <elvey_at_hal.com>
Date: Mon Nov 1 12:24:18 1999

 One of the problems I see is for things like
BIOS's for PC's. There were several people making
compatible BIOS's for a period of time. If one
was replacing a BIOS made by another company,
I'm sure it would be considered a violation of
copyright. The entire thing is sticky. Many of the
newer BIOS's are specific to the hardware and
wouldn't work on another machine unless it had the
same chipsets.
 I also have interest in pinball machines. There
are those that are archiving ROM's for these but
they know they are on shaky ground. If someone
officially complained, they'd have to shut down.
One pinball company ( that just announced that it
was leaving the pinball business ) had an archive
for its older machines.
 On a side note, I have an old 4004 development
system with three 1702A's that are still functional.
( it also programs 1702's or 1702A's ). I am able
to program 2708's on a Cromemco board and have a
programmer that can do 2716 on up. I would still
have problems with anything marked as copyrighted.
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