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Date: Tue Nov 2 14:51:59 1999

On Tue, 2 Nov 1999, Richard Erlacher wrote:

> That was my point, exactly. One shouldn't have to hack a new machine in
> order to make it what one wants. That's doubly true when you can buy what
> you want for less and not have to hack it.

Well since the bus was not very standard, and the industry evolving...

The key was what was better, and at the time I did my thing better was a
limited choice. A year maybe two that choice was far greater but some of
the fundimental design issues I was really taking aim at were not being
solved except by a limted few. IE: spinning in PIO to do disk IO to me
was plain dumb. CPU cycles were in my eyes being wasted. I really didn't
care if it was memory mapped or IO mapped realative to that waste of CPU
as a resource. In 1977 I wanted reliability NS* had it. In 1979 I wanted
storage space and more speed and I started working on it. The DMA (of
smart) boards I wanted however were still wanting or way out of line for
quite a while.

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