Schottky diode Question.

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Date: Tue Nov 2 12:28:08 1999

> It might work better if you use an unused gate or some such. Phantom often
> has numerous loads on it, so you could consider a pair of OC gates if
> they're available. Otherwise, a SCHOTTKY diode should suffice, since its
> forward voltage isn't enough to confuse any other device into missing the
> LOW on the PHANTOM line.

I have measured resistance both ways, it becomes less of a diode as
I go higher in resistance scale on my DMM, around 20K and up I read
like a piece of 100 ohm resistor both ways but reads fine on diode

BTW: these are 1N5822. I'm working on a bondwell 486NC2 notebook
seems to have power problem. Even with batteries unplugged, charge
LED lights up same time as power lights up when I plug power brick
in. Sometimes I can get hint of action and just once got computer to
boot up for few seconds then dies.

What gives?

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