Classic Computer Hardware & Software - Sealed Bid Auction

From: Bill Richman <>
Date: Tue Nov 2 23:48:40 1999

I recently moved, and the living room of the old house is currently filled
to the walls with stuff I regrettably can't bring along (go figure - 3 times
the square footage plus a barn and a garage I didn't have before), so I'm
hoping you guys will help me find new homes for it.

To see pictures and descriptions, go to the following URL. It will take a
few minutes because there are a number of items and the pictures are not

This will be conducted as a sealed-bid auction. High bidder takes the item.
Bid by e-mailing your bid (minimum of $10 on each item, please) to (that's bill(underscore)r). Please include the item
number, description, your bid amount, and your e-mail and snail-mail address
and telephone number in each bid. Bids will be accepted through November
30th, 1999, although some items may close early if I receive what I feel is
a reasonable offer and/or have not seen much interest in an item.

In addition to the amount stated in the bid, the high bidder also agrees to
pay actual packing and shipping costs, and insurance if desired, or to
arrange to pick the item(s) up in Lincoln, Nebraska. Seller reserves the
right to withdraw items from or add items to the auction at any time.
Payment by cashier's check or money order will result in faster shipment.
Payment by personal check will delay shipment until the check clears. All
items are AS-IS, and no guarantee of any kind is made with regard to
operability, suitability for application, safety, or completeness.
Descriptions are as honest and accurate as possible; if you have specific
questions about an item and are serious about placing a bid, please e-mail
me at the above address and I'll try to provide additional information.
This is all stuff I've collected over the years and no longer have room to
keep - I'd rather not get rid of it, but at least I'd like to see it go to
someone who will enjoy it and appreciate it.

      -Bill Richman ( - Home of the COSMAC Elf Microcomputer
       Simulator, Fun with Molten Metal, Orphaned Robots, and Technological Oddities.
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