Northstar Horizon

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Wed Nov 3 00:45:00 1999

That's about the price range I remember too. OTOH, I used to get the
Integrand box and, separately of course, the CCS CPU, CCS 64K DRAM board,
and CCS FDC for about $980. Two of the Misubishi MB2894 (?) DSDD 8" drives
cost $780, though, and the system still needed a dumb terminal. For that I
normally used a Televideo 920, or, later, 910. Those also cost about $750
back then. It wasn't cheap, no matter how you turned it.

With that combination, I was able to put out a computer system which had a
decent display, decent performance, and generally acceptable storage for
around $3k with a few bucks in my pocket if I shopped carefully. It was
easier, of course, if the client already had some stuff, like a printer and
a terminal.


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>Define late entry. The N* Product Catalog I have in front of me is dated
>January, 1978 and it says:
>"North Star Computers ... was incorporated in June, 1976. ...North Star
>offers a complete S-100 bus computer."
>I'd have to dig out more definitive references, but it seems likely that
>Horizon was first offered in 1977. The price at the time was $1599 (kit)
>$1899 (assembled) for the Horizon 12-slot motherboard with built in serial
>port (additional serial or parallel port was $39), RTC, chassis and cover,
>15A _at_ 8v, 6A @+/- 16v power supply, with 4 MHz Z-80, 16k RAM, disk
>controller, and one Shugart minifloppy. (A second Shugart was $400!) The
>CPU board listed for $199, and the 16K RAM for $399 - parity option was $39
>(I remember reading warnings about using dynamic RAM w/o parity 'cause
>cosmic rays were likely to corrupt your memory at admittedly infrequent
>Bob Stek
>Saver of Lost SOLs
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>The N* Horizon was a late entry in the S-100 market, and, though it was
>priced competitively with CROMEMCO and VECTOR GRAPHICS systems, it didn't
>come in at a lower price than component systems using boards purchased
>individually based on comparison-shopping for the best price/function
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