Nx 586

From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Wed Nov 3 05:31:03 1999

> >Someone here is selling Nexgen 586 CPU/Board sets. I was thinking of
> >investing in one because I've never seen one before. Were there many made?
> No idea, how many were made. Personally I wouldn't get one as an
> investment, on the other hand if you've got a use for it...

Of course not an investment at any mean - they are way to
obscure to gather value at any time (just compare it to the
Altair vs. more rare systems case).

> >Not classic I know, but maybe more obsolete than some 10 year old computers
> >perhaps?

> Now this comment I like!!! It sums up my feelings about the collectibility
> of x86 based systems designed to run Microsoftian OS's.

Well, the NextGen is (was) a quite remarkable step. And for
PCs, I'm already starting to aquire some early Pentiums.
Dual P60 server systems _are_ already vanishing.

Anyway, what kind of Nx586 boards are offered ?

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