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Date: Wed Nov 3 07:52:09 1999

> I even have a 32K card with battery backup on board. I also built a RAMDISK
> with a battery backup so I could dump an entire SA1004 to it in one stroke
> and keep it alive with a couple of motorcycle-battery sized gel cells and a
> major DC-DC converter. I built one for a business partner and hooked up
> solar cells and one of those adjustable DC-DC converters (one of the old,
> Old, OLD Boschert adjustable open-frame types) to bring the 60 Vdc or so
> down to 14Volts and another to build the 5 Volts from that.

At the time I did the RomDisk I also did a ramdisk (io port addressable)
not unlike the Compupro Mdrive. the difference was I used Mixmos static
ram and used 4 AA (500mah) nicads to keep it alive for up to 100hours.
Total ram was 128k. A later design used 2kx8 EEPROM and Cmos static rams
for 128k for each "drive".

I also have two BPK72 bubble memories (128kb each).

My current project is a dual semiconductor disk for S100 use 1mb or
flashram and 8mb of Dram battery backed up. Both addressable Via port
addresses (uses otir/inir to read write blocks). With current 1mb 30 pin
simms and FPGAs it's not a dense board. I used 1mb 30 pin as I can get
then for near nothing. Whats nice wth that config is I can preload it
and then plug it into another system and read/write it easily.

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