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Date: Wed Nov 3 08:39:40 1999

On 11/02/99 22:59:13 you wrote:
>> I just managed to get control of the machine while checking out a "Games"
>> disk and I now have DOS 3.3
>> How can I transfer the Binary files (non basic) to my newly formatted disk.
>> All it has is a HELLO basic program. (like INTBASIC and FPBASIC and D800

>Do you actually have INTBASIC and FPBASIC files on a disk? If so, then you
>probably have the DOS 3.3 System Master disk, which comes with a handy
>file-copying program called FID.
>There is also a COPYA program which copies entire disks -- that may come in
>handy as well.
>-- Derek
drats I don't have either of those...they weren't on the games disk.


(missing out on all the prommise of my powerful new Apple][+ )
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