Data I/O programmers (was Re: EPROM sideline)

From: Doug Coward <>
Date: Wed Nov 3 12:14:42 1999

 Ethan Dicks <> wrote:
> --- Eric Smith <> wrote:
> > "Richard Erlacher" <> wrote:
> > > The OLD Pre-Unisite (model 2900 ??) programmer from DataI/O...
> >
> > You're thinking of the model 29 (and 29B). They've been out of support
> > for quite some time, and they recently removed the last technical info
> > (such as family and part codes) from their web site.
> Does anyone have this info? I have an old programmer under the bench that
> I have check, but ISTR that it's a model 29.

 As I started reading this thread, I went up to the Data I/O file
download area
and realized in horror that those family and part codes text files were
(The "old" directory under is
Someone should host these files!
 I started searching my hard drive and some backup CDs for files with
"22" in
them. And I did find the family and part codes text file for the "Series
but I could swear that I also downloaded a zipped file of all of the old
support files from the Data I/O site. I just can't what it might have
been named.
Can anyone convince me that I'm not just imagining this?

And Arlen Michaels said:
> I've just bought an old Data i/o series 22 programmer but it lacks a manual.
> Data i/o have indeed removed all tech support for older models from their
> website. Does anyone know an alternative site still offering manuals?

 I have a couple Series 22 programmers (and a optional RS-232 paper tape
built-in UV eraser,and 351A-064 socket adapter for those little PROMs
like the
82S123 :).
And I also have a manual, contact me at
Or if you're already famillar with operating the Series 22, I could just
the little "flip book" operator's manual. I have flip books for the 22B
(What is the 22B?),
Series 22, and the 29B. I don't have a regular manual for my 29B.
 One of these days I need to create a cheat sheet for operating the
Series 22 because
every time I need to use it, I spend half an hour in the manual
(especially to set-up
remote operation with a PC).
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Sr. Software Eng. (home)
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