schottky diode again..

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> A schottky diode is simply a diode. It has doping different from a typical
> silicon diode, hence has a lower forward voltage, hence dissipates less
> power than a silicon diode at the same current. If it has measurable
> resistance cathode to anode and anode to cathode which is about the same,
> it's no longer acting as a diode.
> Dick
Hi Dick,


Yeah, that schottky diodes, let say all of them showed this problem
but seems good on diode mode test on DMM.

That's the whole thing. I took out exact same kind from other
different one was HD that has 1N5821, These from notebook has
1N5822 only differences is voltage ratings. All showed exact same
behavior. In switchers, diodes shows exactly like good diodes even
with resistance tests. I didn't know if I had enough experiences
with schottky (hint hint!) diodes so I turned to here for help.
These diodes in that notebook is primarily for DC-DC conversion from
either power brick or from batteries.

PS: excuse the second message, email barfed and thought send failed,
had to resent it.

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