schottky diode again..

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Wed Nov 3 19:08:47 1999

On Wed, 3 Nov 1999 wrote:

> > From: "Richard Erlacher" <>
> >
> > If you have a diode of any kind which behaves more as a resistor and less as
> > a diode, i.e. it measures more or less the same in both directions, though
> > differently on different settings on your DMM, I'd say it's broken.
> I'd say you have a modern meter, and neither of you knows how to use
> it. The "diode" range on the meter is there because the other

  Bored, Steve? Off your meds? Or should I just be silent before
the Master and snatch whatever crumbs of Engineering knowledge you
may see fit to bless us with in the future.... couched as they
might be in the sneering disdain of intellectual superiority?

  Is there any more concerning Semiconductor Diodes, Their Thoery
and Application, that we grovelling unwashed should try and
understand? Is there anything about the physics... the chemistry...
the electronics... the mechanics... of these devices that you can
somehow help us with? Or are we to just give up and dabble no
further in Things that don't concern us?

  In light of the tacit proclamation of your superior Diode
Understanding, I will await your wisdom and try and not pollute the
list with my own mis-understanding... far be it from someone to
*help* me learn.

> resistance ranges are not useful for testing diodes. Read the manual
> for the meter, or buy a curve tracer, or build a continuity tester from
> an old flashlight (two-cell preferred), or ...

  Ever consider that the people who populate this list come from
many disparate disciplines and experience? Does it somehow escape you
that (gasp!) not all of us are PhD-level engineers? Is it possible
that my newsreader has misplaced the diagrams that you might have
included re: the above devices that you so casually chide us to posses?

> I'm curious. Have you tried the same family of (mostly misleading)
> The current and voltage for the resistance ranges are probably much
> lower, which is why the readings are so useless.

   And just *why* is that, O Master? Or do we just take your word
for it and go in silent faith and sin no more...

  (Repeat previous rant
> here.)

   See comments above re: your repeat previous rant.

> > That why I used resistance ranges just to be sure.

> This must be some new meaning of "sure".
> > Wizard
> Apparently a misnomer.

   Apparently an ad-hominem *personal* attack on a Listmember who has
given hours of time and patient knowledge to myself and many, many
others on this list of *HOBBYISTS*, Steven... And your contributions
are archived... where?

  Man... Steve, old buddy... are you having a Real Bad Day and
just lost your cool, or is this the real Steve?

   I certainly won't respond to any more stuff like this from you,
save with a deletion mark, and on to the next... not that you might
care much.



  (Snipped fat sig with much personal data)

  I grant you this, Schweda: at least you don't hide behind anything
when you smack people...
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