11/34 & Cool stuff, but what is it? (Q-bus gear)

From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_mcmanis.com>
Date: Wed Nov 3 19:34:35 1999

At 07:52 PM 11/3/99 -0500, Tim wrote:


>The QT13 emulates either a MS: (TS11) or MU: (TMSCP) type drive and
>talks to tape drives with the Pertec-formatted formatted interface.

Great, now I've got what may be a 9-track drive that works (not tested yet
of course)

>Yep, it's a IEEE-496 interface.

Hmmm, not very useful for me, anyone on the list want it for the cost of
shipping (say $5.00?) [it comes with the cable as well.]

Q: How to derack an 11/34

>There were several different styles of chassis-mount slides on the 11/34
>series. Are your slides shiny metal or are they grey? If they're shiny
>metal, look for one shiny wobbly lever on each side that has to be
>pressed in to release the catch.

Nope, gunmetal grey. (or is that gray?) anyway two pull handles at the
front, pull out to the loud click and get to "rotate" mode, the slides
appear to have one more button to release but when pressed slided go a bit
further and stop. I suppose it is possible that the rack sliders are binding.

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