Finally got a "straight" DF32 yesterday - bandwidth saver - many messages inside

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Date: Thu Nov 4 15:28:56 1999

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many messages inside

>> One other thing.... you mentioned you wanted to add more memory to one of
>> your straight 8s. I have two studies done by the McMaster University on
>> building core memory expanders for the 8,8/s using straight 8 memory
>> used the same kinds) and some flip chips. You might want to kill one of
>> straight 8s for the memory and ebay/keep the rest of it. I am picking up
>> least one straight-8 over the next 3 weeks and if I end up with two
>> that way) I have the one sold (have to quickly restore it first) and the
>> other I will butcher for memory for my 8/s. A straight-8 still isn't
>> as much whole as it is in parts.. Ugh.. You might want to think about
>> that as it is nice to keep the same boards/technology in a transistor
>> computer like that.
>I remember that particular 8s from when I was an undergraduate. I
>did my undergraduate degree at McMaster, at a time when they were
>still running PDP 8 machines. That probably ages me :-). At one
>point it was a server for a group of DG Novas (I think the
>original ones).
I actually bought the Nova network that was there too! I have the Nova 2,
Nova 3 with the Nova-PDP 8/S link, Ken-Net and all the original software and
docs. The Nova 2 has a graphics interface and IC tester, Kennedy 9800, and a
diablo 42. The first memory expansion study was called "8K Interface for
PDP-8S with memory protect (A study in frustration)", by John Elton McFee,

BTW I wasn't BORN yet... doesn't that age me!

To give you an idea.. Focal 1969 outdates me!


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