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Date: Thu Nov 4 17:14:06 1999

UPS Hundredweight is a cheaper way of shipping 100 pound + packages. UPS will
also ship up to 150 pounds I believe.

Packaging is very important in shipping. There should be little open space.

I use large bubble wrap and buy it in bulk at a packaging supply wholesaler.
Anything that could be shaken apart should be taken apart and wrapped
separately. For heavy items use at least two layers of large bubble wrap.

The box is important also. Most boxes have weight ratings, often printed on
them. For loads over 100 pounds usually you should use a double weight box
with two layers of cardboard. Use good tape.

If you have a Federal Express account they will ship pallet weight loads in
their economy rates. Contact them.

Heavier loads often get strapped to a pallet. I recommend wrapping the item
in many layers of cardboard and then use stretch wrap to contain the package,
including the top. If the item is on wheels block it up with wood so the load
is off the wheels. Use a good strapping machine. The bands need to be tight.
Consider support in all three dimensions. In strapping to a pallet consider
where the forks go. You don't want the forks of the forklift cutting the

Check the business around you. If they do regular freight shipments they
might have a significant discount with an LTL shipper. I used to ship with a
place that sold bearings. They had a 50% discount. This can make it

If you have several full height cabinets call freight forwarders for partial
truck loads. This is sold by a combination of floor space and weight. You may
not need to palletize the cabinets.

If you have a valuable item it can be shipped in an air ride trailer. I have
shipped several older disk drives and some fab equipment by this method. We
just rolled it on, they threw a blanket over it and tied it to the wall. This
was the easiest for me and the costliest for the buyer. However it got
through with no problems.

Good luck

PS If you have specific questions about specific equipment contact me off the
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