Update: Schottky diode

From: jpero_at_cgocable.net <(jpero_at_cgocable.net)>
Date: Thu Nov 4 12:52:15 1999

I just threw together that condcuivity tester and diode checker:

All are in series:

Pair of quick clips (those push-release to hook on something) I
saved 2 dollars by cutting pair of clip jumpers and use the halves.
60mA 6V lamp and 6V battery and all that bits.

The schottky diode DUT worked one way that lamp lights not else.
The resistance ranges on my DMM is lying especially on those schottky
diodes. Sheesh! I half-expected to blame bad diodes.

What is your comments now that I have new results turned out this

I have to borrow another DMM to scope out my DMM's resistance ranges,
so keep everybody updated.

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