Xerox D-series workstations

From: Kevin Schoedel <>
Date: Thu Nov 4 18:17:07 1999

At 7:40pm +0000 1999/11/04, Tony Duell wrote:
>Is this the white tower case, a little larger than the Daybreak? If so,
>there's a pile of fuses inside, some of them on the 'frontpanel' board,
>others in the PSU, etc. Check them. IIRC one of the fuses seems to blow
>for no good reason and causes exactly this problem.

Thank you! There is a row of five fuses behind the right panel, between
the floppy and hard drives. I had initially just looked at them, and they
looked fine, but on testing, the frontmost of them (1/4A) was indeed
open. Once I replaced it, on powering up, the LEDs cycled rapidly for a
few seconds and then returned to 0000 -- and the fuse was open. I tried
twice more, and in both cases the fuse blew instantly upon plugging in
the machine (with the power switch still off). The I (probably foolishly)
put in a 1A fuse and watched it glow orange for a quarter second before I

I'll most likely have to set this machine aside until I have the time and
knowledge to attack it properly.

>Did you lock the disk heads before moving the machine and unlock them
>afterwards? Worth checking...

It had been moved before I got it, so there is still the possibility of
disk damage, but I'm not that far yet.
Kevin Schoedel
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