DECStation 5000/240 how to open?

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Thu Nov 4 18:25:17 1999

Ok, so its not classic but it was sitting under the Sun Shoebox I bid on so
they made me take it. (And a DECStation 3100 which I thought at first was a
VAX but alas, it was a mipper-doodle.)

Two questions:
        1) How do you open the 5000? I unscrewed the big knurled screw
           in the back/middle of the case but it is still stuck together
           like ants on honey.
        2) The 3100 is stuffed with RAM, but I'm not sure what kind of
           RAM. Are the 3100 (and 5000) simms "standard?" (ie could I
           put them in a PC to get a size number, or better yet is there
           a number->size translation somewhere?)

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