Shipping old heavy stuff

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Thu Nov 4 22:25:23 1999

<gets. Sounds like you did everything that you could to protect it. Do yo
<have any other suggestions other than using someone other than UPS? Did
<you file a claim with UPS? What were the results?

Over the years I've shipped 3 VS3100s, two PC minitowers and an assortment
of stuff via UPS. They all arrived as shipped, one peice no scars.

Several errors are often made. BUBBLE DOES NOT WORK. Ok why? Most people
put one or two layers of the large bubbles around an item and wedge it into
a box. At arrives with the corners rounded. Look at any commercial product
of similar weight and you find expanded foam or a VERY thick layer of stuff
between the item and box. There's a reason for this. You drop a box 30"
to concrete and there has to be enough padding to protect it.

The other is use of extra cardboard at the corners to reinforce the padding
and the external box or better yet wrap it, box it and pad it and box it.
I've seen a lot of stuff shipped and if packaged correctly it will survice
that 30" drop and then some.

Oh, and Fedex will drop boxes too.

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