Vax 4000/VLC

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Fri Nov 5 21:05:59 1999

>The model tag says: Model #:VS48K-CA

Hmmm, maybe that's not the best of framebuffers, here is what I just pulled up:

VS48K-CA - 1280x1024, 72Hz - RGB (DEC-special, 3 mini-coax)

>The ram slots are stuffed but I can't tell by inspection what kind of SIMMS
>they are. The chips on them are marked TMS444000 (1MB x 4) which makes me
>suspect they are perhaps 4MB SIMMs? That would put the memory at 24MB.

Sounds right, 24Mb is the max it will hold.

>When I opened it up I found an RZ24 nestled inside of it. So I can put a
>basic OS there now that Ragge has SCSI working.

Hmmm, it'll be tight with 7.2, might want to leave out the DECwindows stuff
in favor of more interesting things.

>I've got most of what I need for this, does the hobbiest license include
>clustering licenses?

Clustering is included. I've got a nice dual architecture Cluster running
here, although it's primarily Alpha.

>doubt it will start calling out to nearby monitors ... :-) If I run it
>headless where do I plug the console? One of the MMJs?

OK, I've only seen one of these once briefly. IIRC, there are two
different MMJ connectors on the box, one in back, one on the side. I think
you want the one on the side, and you might need to flip a switch on the


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