Shipping old heavy stuff

From: Doug Coward <>
Date: Fri Nov 5 22:13:59 1999

"George Currie" <> said:
> What shipping methods do people prefer for shipping larger (say >
> 100lbs, large deskside, small mini type) systems.

 I've heard that many coin-op video game collectors like to use
Forward Air. The last I heard, they charge $28.50 per 100. But it's
primarily an airport to airport transport service.
 Airports served by Forward Air -
 Home Page

 I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I may be getting my 1800 pound
computer from Indiana this month. A friend made a deal with a
car collector that has his own enclosed car van. The driver
should be picking it up on the way back from Florida.
 It might pay you to start hanging out at your local car clubs. :)
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