Needed, Memory chip info for a Compaq

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sat Nov 6 19:14:26 1999

There were two types of SIMMs, initially. The ones with equal numbers of
devices on both sides were viewed in some systems as being two SIMMs, but
occupying a single site. I had one motherboard which required you jumper it
differently for the double-sided variety than for the single-sided. Now,
some of the single-sided SIMM had the parity chips on the reverse side, but
were still thought/spoken of as single-sided.

You might do well scrounging around an electronics graveyard (landfill).
I've left bunches of them lying there while diving for pearls.


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Subject: Needed, Memory chip info for a Compaq

> I am aware that this list covers Older systems than Compaq. From
>what I can see from reading this list.. someone might have an answer.
> I have a Compaq Despro 386n. Currently it has 4mb of ram. I am
>painfully running Slackware 3.1 on it. Does anyone know what kind of
>Memory this machine is using? From what I can see, it has two Simm modules
>that appear to be 72 pin. There is memory chips on both sides of these.
>Does standard Simms of the 72pin variety have memory chips on both sides
>of the simm?
> If these ARE standard, does anyone have two 8mb ones? I want to
>put 16mb of ram on the Deskpro as 4mb stinks! The Compaq only can hold two
>of them unless you have the special Compaq memory expander board. If these
>are specialized. again who has them inexpensivly?
> Please respond either via the list or priate email to my address
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>potential to be a dandy.
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