[Sol-20 Restoration: further adventures..]

From: James Willing <jimw_at_agora.rdrop.com>
Date: Mon Nov 8 11:25:05 1999

On Mon, 8 Nov 1999, Charles Eicher wrote:

> I've been periodically posting updates on my restoration project of my
> old Processor Technology Sol-20. These usually coincide with pleas for
> help. Now may be such a time.

> I can't remember any commands, so I just try typing on the keyboard. No
> response...
> The LEDs are dead, or I'm not getting any power to the keyboard...
> Darn it, the keyboard is attached, although there are two extremely
> similar non-keyed molex connectors right next to each other, maybe
> its connected wrong. I vaguely recall this being a problem once, about
> 20 years ago. Hmm.. time to dive back into the construction manual
> again.

Keyboard goes to J3, the one nearest the center of the mainboard.
Fortunately (by accident or design), connecting the keyboard to the wrong
jack rarely causes any damage...

> But I have a failed keyboard. Its a damn shame
> because one of the strengths of the Sol was its professional quality
> keyboard.

> Hope its not anything internal, these PT keyboards were shipped
> assembled from the factory, there's not anything you can do to repair
> that I know of. And I was really good at fixing keyboards, so maybe I'll
> figure it out. If anyone has suggestions or prior experience with this
> sort of problem, please chip in your 2cents.

Well... unless the keyboard has been vacuum sealed for the last 20 years,
I can pretty much say with certainty that the contact pads in the
mechanism have deterioriated.

They can be repaired however. (I've done a lot of them) I have
replacement contact kits available as well as keyboard rebuild services.
Details are available on my web site on the 'Parts/Objects/Services'

with the contacts gone, the keyboard will appear to be totally dead in
most cases, although I have not seen too many serious logic failures on
them. (YMMV)

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