Is this a modem?

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Date: Mon Nov 8 12:23:09 1999

>I have recently acquired what looks like a modem. It has the FCC
>certification for a modem and has a jack for voice equipment 8 conductor
>multi-line. But when connected to my VT-220 it does not act like a
>modem. No response to Hayes commands won't even give me a error

To put it bluntly, not all modems are Hayes compatible. Especially
if the modem is answer-only or for some specialized application.

> It is a Line Miser DOV 640 by Gandalf Data Limited.

The Gandalf equipment that I'm familiar with are communications
multiplexers - it's likely (especially given the "Line Miser" name)
that what you've got there is a synchronous modem intended to connect
to a terminal multiplexer. It may even be intended for applications over
leased lines (i.e. no dial tones).

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