Strange boards in Apple//e

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Nov 8 19:56:19 1999

>> > Board 2
>> > Says Digicard D-Net and has a wire that goes to a board in slot 1.
>>biggest chip is an am8530h-
>> > 6pc
>> THe 8530 is a complex sync/async serial chip IIRC. It's the one used in
>> the Macintosh, etc. This could be some kind of network card (based on the
>> name), although it may well not use any well-known protocol.
>Bet this is an appletalk network card. Rare birds, those.

Sheesh, I typed "digicard D-net apple" into search engine
and got the following, which is what it really is.

An older proprietary networking scheme. Last update of the site looks like
1996, but it "sounds" like some files may be available.
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