Xerox D-series workstations

From: Kevin Schoedel <>
Date: Mon Nov 8 21:34:15 1999

On 1999/11/09 at 2:16am +0000, Tony Duell wrote:
>Ouch... This is starting to sound complicated...

I think it ranks as the second most complicated machine I've seen. Most
I've seen are much more like the PERQ in spirit: alu, registers, simple
sequencer, straightforward muxes.

>I'd read somewhere that the Daybreak CPU was all standard chips. This had
>confused me, because I couldn't figure out what on earth these 2 chips
>were. I'd initially assumed they were custom gate arrays -- looks like I
>was right :-(

The internals don't appear to be documented in anything I've seen so far.

>You are very lucky. My machine is almost all 733 numbers :-(. I think we
>should attempt to compile a cross-reference.

I'll put it on my list of things to do when my brain isn't working.
Should be done soon....

>You have schematics??? How complete? And how on earth do I get my hands
>on them ?

They're among the PDF files from Al Kossow's site. TechRef_b?_???.pdf and
IOPschem.pdf at least contain schematics; I don't know how complete.

>I am going to have to find out a way to print PDF files.....

Ghostscript appears to read the files fine and ought to be able to save
the contents in Postscript or other form. If you have no better means,
I'll eventually send you a printed copy.

Kevin Schoedel
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