MOP bootable XXDP?

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Date: Tue Nov 9 12:27:52 1999

> You could net-boot an 11/23+ over various flavors of sync serial boards.
> The problem is that most people don't have the sync modem eliminators, etc.,
> to feed such beasts.
> -ethan

You could also use the basic serial (DL/DLV) ports for this too. MOP
however only loads a single image but if you pick the right one and it's
aware of it's IO it can do more than that.

I used to MOPload a PDT11/130 as a hypersmart tube and also back when to
do same for falcon cards (t-11 on SBC).

The alternate is the host can run a TU58 emulator and then stuff like XXDP
and Rt-11 can run over a serial port line as if it were a disk. I
remember seeing a unix tu58 emulator out there though the task is not
that complex.

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