From: Dwight Elvey <>
Date: Tue Nov 9 19:21:50 1999

"Bob Stek" <> wrote:
> Hi, Doug -
> Apparently you are participating! Just jump right in and reply to a thread
> or start your own (something non-controversial perhaps - like "why the xxxx
> computer is best and all the others stink" or "why I like eBay" or "why I
> hate eBay" should generate some responses).
> Nice to see you in the group.

 Not necessarily. Anyone can send to the list ( example Judith Perry )
and not recieve list mail. You need to subscribe. If you look
at your full header, you'll notice a line:


 This is how you did it way back when. Also, a good thing to
remember for others that don't recall how to unsubscribe,
search or what ever. There are some helpful bits in the mail
header, take a look.
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