Looking for old equipment -- please help!

From: ndiablo_at_diablonet.net <(ndiablo_at_diablonet.net)>
Date: Tue Nov 9 21:15:50 1999

Hi! I've been collecting older equipment for a few years now, but i've only
recently found out about this list. It looks like a great resource, and I
was thinking it'd probably be a good place to ask the question:

"Does anybody know of anywhere in southwest Michigan where one can find
older surplus minicomputer and workstation equipment?"

I've been able to aquire a fair amount of interesting stuff from the local
university, but it's been slow going and parts are hard to get. I've seen
postings to lists numerous times about people giving machines away in
places like Texas and the East Coast, but never anything in this general
area.. i'm guessing there isnt quite as much of a glut of equipment in
the area, but maybe i'm just not looking in the right places!

I'd really appreciate any bones anybody could throw me :)

 -Netdiablo (root_at_diablonet.net)
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