Anyone got a spare RA92 frontpanel? (Every fscking time...)

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <>
Date: Tue Nov 9 22:26:26 1999

I swear, (Boy do I swear!) every time I put my hands on something,
every time I think I got something figured out...

My RA92's front panel appears to have been roached. I don't know how or
why. Upon dragging (Not literally) the thing up to the 5th floor from the
basement, and applying power (Not connected to the controller), the display
(Which normally says WAIT for a few seconds) is blank. Funny. So I screwed
with it for awhile. If I jiggle it around, I can get garbage (usually) but
after about a half hour of screwing around, I pulled the drive's front
plate off, and looked around the insides. The logic inside and the cables
are all in immaculate shape. They look brand new. So I reassembled the drive
and pulled the front panel apart. It looks OK too. So I put the drive back
together. Argued with it another 45 minutes. Finally, I got lucky
and got a spot where, for about 5 minutes, I could work the panel. The FAULT
light was lit, the error code was "E B4". I tried spinning the drive up, and
then the panel glitched and reset. The drive spun up and checked (and it
sounded OK), but then it spun down and faulted E B4 again (it must have
realized the panel is screwed.) The drive shows no inclination of working
without it. Moving the panel around makes the panel flash random lights and
display garbage, so I think the panel's bad. Can anyone prove/disprove this?
I have no docs so I dunno what the error code means. I did get the E B4
several times, so I think that's good data. It might not be.

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