more junk

From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Wed Nov 10 16:34:15 1999

Well, my local campus computer repair shop called, asking if i wanted
some junk they had. I picked up a trs80 model 1 (looks like I need to
find a cassette player), a apple ][ plus with various mods installed
and a analog/digital board, and a compaq portable III. Not bad for
walking 2.5 blocks from my office.

The NCR i mentioned earlier was too heavy, 80 pounds or so, so i left it.

The apple ][ plus has, among other mods, a modification near the keyboard
and speaker. A raised board with 2 IC's and a socket, its connected to one
of the IC sockets on the main board, plus it has a 4 wire cable with connector.
For some reason this is not plugged in. Am I correct it guessing this might
be a lowercase modification, and that its unplugged to restore normal
operation? any idea what the correct way to plug the connector in is? It
looks like i could plug it in backwards as well as the normal way, so I
have a 50/50 chance of making a major mistake...

-Lawrence LeMay
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