RA81 questions.

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <DSEAGRAV_at_toad.xkl.com>
Date: Wed Nov 10 18:25:10 1999

Well, since the RA92 is OOC until I figure out how to kludge a fix,
I guess i get to either go back to the RA81 or give up. (I have no other disks.)
Anyway, when I last left it, the RA81 was complaining of seek errors, the panel
lights had all burned out, and it was making scary noises. If I reformat the
drive (Will RT11 do this?) will it rewrite the positioner information, or is
that permanently written from the factory? The RA81 is really really heavy,
and sucks a lot of amps, and I really don't know if it'll fit in the cabinet,
so I really don't want to try playing with it unless it's saveable.
So, questions are, is there any way to fix the disk short of a new HDA,
can I replace the panel lights with LEDs, and can RT-11 format it?
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