Computers and other hardware containing the 8008 microprocessor

From: John Lewczyk <>
Date: Wed Nov 10 19:49:35 1999


I'm trying to compile a list of computers and other hardware that contained
the venerable Intel 8008 microprocessor.

So far this is the list of 8008 based computers that have been made aware

1973 "Micral" by R2E (later merged with Bull) Made in France
1973 "Intellec-8" by Intel (development system)
1974 "Scelbi-8H" by Scelbi Consulting (kit and assembled)
1974 "Mark-8" by Jon Titus in Radio Electronics 7/74. Plans and PC boards
1974 "008A Microcomputer Kit" RGS Electonics. Plans and all parts, except
cabinet and assorted hardware.
? PopTronics (Popular Electronics?) <-- Does anyone know anything about
this? What issue would it have been in if it was in that magazine.
? Homebrew systems. I'll compile a list of people who have made these if
they want to go public :-) Got a picture?

I'd like to also compile a list of other 8008 based machines - one where the
8008 was an embedded controller. If you have any info, such as
manufacturer, model number, date of introduction, etc. please let me know.

? Terminal (Not Datapoint I understand, perhaps Beehive?)
? Front panel of a PDP-11? computer
? Instrument Test equipment
? Pinball Machine
! Datapoint 2200 (architecture was the model for the 8008, was built using
LSI, not an 8008)

Can you contribute anything to this list? I'll post it on my web site and
hope to catch comments, add facts to it. Post to the list or to me if you'd


John Lewczyk\jlewczyk
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