Convergent Technologies

From: Will Jennings <>
Date: Wed Nov 10 22:16:26 1999

The Convergent machines did indeed run an OS called CTOS, though usually
they weren't seen as Convergent machines. After Sperry-Univac and Burroughs
merged into Unisys in 1986, they bought Convergent and continued selling the
machines. The ones labeled Convergent ran CTOS, while others were labeled
Burroughs and ran BTOS, which was really the same darn thing. However, these
machines were OEMed very frequently, which is why I say it's unusual to see
them labeled as Convergent. Those early machines were termed "Miniframes" ,
i.e. small mainframes. Later on, Convergent became one of the billions of
clone PC makers, which didn't last long, and then Unisys discontinued use of
the brand name. I have no clue what kind of CPU the things have, but if you
want to get rid of them... ;p Anyways, I hope my little rant was at least
somewhat informative.

Will J

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